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A new religion is being created

July 31, 2008

Too many in the West are searching for meaning in the wrong places.  They have decided, a priori, to reject Christ (or at least not even give Him a chance).  Therefore they flock to fads that promise meaning: Global Warming, Al Gore (like John the Baptist who preaches repentance and points to the One) and now Obama (who as a blank slate gets projected to be the One)… after all didn’t Obama say that the oceans will stop rising if people elect him?

It really is more about the flock than Obama… and it is quite pitiful.  Once again the True Savior is rejected for a political savior (think Barrabas).  He is right in front of us calling to us, but is neglected and rejected…  a new religion pops up in its place again… with its own rules for salvation (recycle, drive a hybrid, change your lightbulbs, use mass transit, protest, watch a stupid movie, and now vote Obama)…  It is not about Obama so much as following the rules of the new religion.

You know the main topic of conversations at neighborhood parties and other adult parties here where I live: what “green” things people have done.  One neighbor talks about switching to green power—supposedly all the power in her house comes from wind energy (what happens when the wind does not blow).  Another neighbor spends a ton to put solar panels on—good for him but not feasible for most of us.  Another neighbor buys a hybrid car… These days keeping up with the Jones’ means outgreening the next person.  The individual acts are fine and well but they are a symptom of something that is repulsive… a new kind of stepford wives where one does not dare throw an aluminum can in the trash without feeling guilty or in fear of being observed… it’s a kind of inquisition atmosphere…

Instead of the freedom offered through Christ people chose bondage to a new set of rules like the 10 commandments but all green.  So go ahead and neglect the widow living next to you as long as you drive a hybrid and have energy efficient windows installed in your house.  Love your neighbor does not require actually loving your neighbor but recylcing and keeping your carbon count down (to save the planet)… it also means people think they are actually saving the planet through these acts…. when real salvation cannot be earned or achieved but granted to us by God through Christ… it is a trap and a form of bondage, even while green actions are fine and good on their own… but all together this is a religion that distracts from what we are really called to do: love our neighbors and make disciples of Christ and bring people to a salvation that is by grace not deeds—true freedom.